The Sites

Bruderschaft, Laurentiuslay and Klostergarten, are the names of the old terroir in Köwerich, Klüsserath and Leiwen, in which our mostly more than 30 year old vines grow.

The Vineyards

The steep vineyards, with at least 30% incline, sometimes up to 70% are all exposed towards the Moselle in south-western direction. This guarantees optimal exposition to the sun and a long sunshine and brings the late ripening Riesling to full maturity. The warm days and cool nights in the ripening phase from end of August until the harvesting at the end of October or November, contribute particularly to the forming of the Riesling's aroma.


The Soil

The skeletal, weathered Devon slate soil stores the heat of the day and returns it during the night to the vines to create a particularly mild climate in the vineyards. The roots of the Riesling go deep into the ground and the rocks beneath, striving after water and minerals which add to the wine's content and expressive character.

In line with nature we farm the soil under ecological considerations and thus reduce chemicals to the strictest minimum. In our vineyards we constantly allow herbs and plants which are providing an ecosystem for beneficial organisms, like the Apollo butterfly or the green lizard.


The Region

Welcome to the traditional wine growing area Mosel in Germany.


The Moselle

"Moselle" and "wine" are terms that go together for more than 2000 years. One of the most assiduous propagandists of the Moselle, the Roman politician and poet Decimus Magnus Ausonius (310 – 393) from Bordeaux, knew more than 1600 years ago how to describe the Moselle and wine landscape. He speaks of "hills bright green with vines, and the pleasant stream below of the gently murmuring Moselle", he describes the "happy labourers and hard-working farmers, now hasten to the peak, now down the ridge".

The Wine Village Leiwen

Leiwen is a picture post card wine village on the Moselle with 1600 inhabitants and about 450 hectares of vineyards. It counts as the biggest wine growing village at the Moselle. Extensive leisure opportunities make Leiwen a favoured place for holidays. The Moselle is perfect for fishing or for a boat trip to Trier or to Bernkastel, for instance along the famous vineyard site "Leiwener Laurentiuslay". Visit Leiwen in the Internet.